Sunday, September 2, 2012

genting getaway

Welcome to Genting's First World Outdoor Theme Park!
Look at the cutest bear ever!

Thank you Nuffnang for allowing us a Genting getaway- where we feasted, snoozed, and had a ball of time atop the mountains!

Food first, just because food=love

Restoran Hainan Chicken: Hainanese Chicken Rice, Salmon with yogurt mayonnaise mm rich food in the early morning! carrot and watermelon juice accompanied for some detox! The salmon dish was really flavorful, the mashed potato was buttery and oh so fragrant. But the chicken rice was .. the chicken was rather tough and dry :( i thought they were supposed to be known for their chicken rice! The spicy chilli and fragrant rice saved the dish though. A good stopping point for travellers- free wifi to use!

International Cuisine at Coffee Terrace: we had Japanese, Chinese, Nyonya and Western. The food was aplenty, but the notable ones would be Japanese: cold thick slices of sashimi, slurpy soba! Western: flavourful tomato pasta, but makes you feel full easily! Desserts: Strawberry cake, huge rose flavored macarons, and flaky chocolate-coconut cake. Drinks: Ice cold apple juice!

First World Cafe Buffet: on the 8th floor of the hotel. Piping hot Goreng Pisang that I could not stop reaching for, spicy prata, fragrant nasi bryani with crispy keropok. it was a Malay food galore. Tasty fruits to cleanse your palate after the meal as well! 

Dimsum at Hao You Ji: early morning goodness that is really affordable! The fried dishes were the best but sold out so fast- the charsiew pastry and beancurd rolls were so unforgettable. the custard buns oozed with goodness too!

Dining by the window as we munched on yummy dimsum. Being so high up feels so surreal, right?

Genting Palace Restaurant: Steamed garoupa is the best dish everrr. They should have deboned it though. Lotus Soup. Tasteful and Nutritious. Pu' er tea! Lily Bulb. Happy faces.

Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum: Quirky Objects and Exhibits like the chair for the Biggest Man in the World, the Luckiest Chair made of horseshoes which we just had to sit on, a gold-coin plated car and a Bespectacled fish!

Gallivanting at First World Plaza which is super flashy. Globalisation- Kpop dances all the way. Shopping till 1 am! Delish Opera chocolate cake from The Lobby Cafe. Great for a midnight snack!

Happy at First World Outdoor Theme Park. with my third-time travel companion

Not many photos at the theme park as we had to keep our cameras in the lockers! but this was on a silly train ride where we had a great view of the park. Also, my gungho friend who suited up for Sky Venture, and flew in this enclosed space with winds up to 193km/hr!

Pretty First World Plaza: mandatory touristy photo by the fountain!

 Ripley's Believe It or Not museum: of bulgy eyes and towering men.

Ripley's Haunted Museum: so scary i almost cried hahaha i hate people touching me in the dark!!

View from the 26th floor: breathtaking scenery of Genting's winding roads, pretty pink tree in full glory and Best weather Ever. It was 17 degrees at night! We wandered out in T-shirt and shorts and boy it felt like we were in winter! The fog made the whole place look and feel so magical too.

Favourite ride at the Theme park has to be the flying coaster: hand-gliding concept. We lay flat and literally flew up and about as the wind caressed our hair.

Cam-whoring with an unused London-inspired double-decker bus, phone booth and a wagon? Most random but fun anyway.

Personally, I feel the weather allows for summer wear. Just bring along a cardigan or a scarf for when the weather gets chilly as the sun sets.

This has been the most spontaneous getaway ever. Thank you Nuffnang once again! and also for the Five Stars coach that brought us on a most luxurious coach ride away and back to Singapore.

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